Sunday, April 30, 2006

Miyazaki Blogathon

So, for all of you that have websites or blogs out there, a new phenomenon has hit amongst online film critics with blogs: blogathons. One of these sites calls out a topic and a day, and anyone who wants to posts an essay on the subject, fans of the subject as well as people who dislike them.

So far, there have been blogathons for Showgirls, Robert Altman, Code Unknown, Abel Ferrera, Angie Dickinson (meow!), and just today, Michelle Pfeiffer (

Next up is a blogathon for Hayao Miyazaki, the anime director for those of us who don't like anime (myself included), coordinated by Quiet Bubble between 12 and 14 May. The introduction for this can be found here:

So, whatever you may feel about Miyazaki or his work, if you have a blog or a full-on site, pull together an essay and post it sometime during the blogathon. If you decide to do one, send me a link to it; I am interested in checking out what others think about the man and his career.



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